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For the development of the ICPC-3 a Consortium is in place, responsible for the construction and coordination of the ICPC-3 project. The Consortium consists of WONCA World, WONCA Europe, Radboud University Nijmegen and an increasing number of participating countries, and countries with observer status.

The participating countries are represented by National Agencies and National Institutes. The agencies and institutes, such as Universities, have a mediating role in the assessment of what input to the ICPC-3 is required to fulfill the National needs and requirements concerning Primary- and Community Care.

The Consortium is open for new partners if they want to contribute, financially or otherwise.

The benefits of taking part in the ICPC-3 Consortium is twofold:

  • having influence on the content of ICPC-3 and
  • a user license for the ICPC-3!

The Consortium also has a number of observers for Countries and International Institutes, such as WHO, considering the use of, or interested in the ICPC-3.

Contacts for conditions and information: