Shifting the Health Paradigm in Primary Care and Public Health:

Person-Centeredness at the core of ICPC-3!

The leading principles are:

Relevant National Extensions on content within ICPC-3 to suit National Primary Care needs.

Covering every kind of contact in Primary and Community Care for all disciplines involved.

The rational for additions to ICPC-3 will still be: frequency and evidence based.

Familiar will be the simplicity of the new ICPC-3, no excessive subclasses like most classifications and clinical terminologies.

The content of ICPC-3 will be ‘linked’ to relevant classifications, such as ICD-10, ICD-11, ICF, ICHI, DSM-V, clinical terminologies such as Snomed-CT, but also to previous versions of ICPC-1 , ICPC2.7 and to the SDG’s (United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals).

Progress on ICPC-3 will be reported here as soon as this has been discussed and decided within the Consortium.

Present progress from the ICPC-3 Taskforce Face to Face meeting held on March 5 & 6, 2019:

In the meeting it was decided to:

  • accept three new InfoNotes on:
    • The general principles for the content of the ICPC-3,
    • Conventions for Country Extensions,
    • Typographic conventions for ICPC-3.
  • change the position of Helminthiases to Chapter A,
  • not to include risk factors, but context information will be required,
  • further discussion on Prevention,
  • have Top-Extensions on a Regional level: African, European and South-American. An Asian Extension can be added if so required. The Country Extension codes are recognizable within the Core ICPC-3.

ICPC-3 Content Model:

Working method:

To achieve the new content, the first step is the review of present content of the ICPC 2.7, from an International and National perspective.


This work takes place within the Consortium Core-Group and the WICC Taskforce-A. The input from Taskforce-A is through membership of the ICPC-3 Consortium Taskforce. As a dedicated body represented within the Consortium by one of the Taskforce-members, the WICC members are reviewing all chapters of ICPC 2.7, based on a set of criteria. The result of the review is provided as proposals to and processed by the ICPC-3 Consortium Secretariat, in view of the criteria.


The Country Members of the Taskforce are reviewing the ICPC 2.7 on content that is of relevance, and is not present, or cannot be registered as a separate entity for the Countries own needs.

All results of the reviews are processed within the ICPC-3 Comment site.

A view on the Comment Site: