The COVID-19 pandemic

Example from the Netherlands: importance of Episode of Care data in statistics on a Pandemic.

In the Netherlands a Primary Care GP network uses the ICPC for registration of Episodes of Care, including the Reason for Encounter.

The importance of this Reason for Encounter trend-data is that it gives insight in the effect of all government measures that have been issued. The effects of the measures will at first be visible in a reduction of COVID-19 infection diagnoses in general practice. Reduction in hospital admissions and intensive care unit stays will be visible only days to weeks later.

For current and daily refreshed data the website can be viewed on a daily basis:

This example underlines the important UseCase for ICPC in Primary care, specially for implementing ICPC Worldwide in Primary Health Care settings and the registration of the Episode of Care as it will allow enhanced monitoring of epidemic and pandemic data in almost real-time.