The ICPC-3 Project started January 2018  and runs for a period of three and half years.

  • Upcoming ICPC-3 Zoom Taskforce meetings:

  • July and September 2020

  • The Taskforce Meeting is hosted by the Department of Primary and Community Health Care, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

In the ICPC-3 Project a new version of the ICPC and an Interface Terminology for Primary Care is under development, based on a novel approach for classification development, i.e. based on a content-model.

  • This novel approach takes into account all desired uses of ICPC in International and different National Primary Care, and Community Care settings.
  • There will be consistency with the principle of interoperability within the Framework of the WHO Family of International Classifications and within Clinical Terminologies.
  • It is also aimed to create a stable model to support continuous central development and maintenance of the ICPC and Interface Terminology.
  • The ICPC-3 Project Secretariat is hosted by the Department of Primary and Community Care / Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
  • The ICPC-3 Consortium is founded specifically for the development and future maintenance of ICPC-3.

UseCases for ICPC

UseCase: Covid-19 Pandemic

In the Netherlands a Primary Care GP network uses the ICPC for registration of Episodes of Care, including the Reason for Encounter.

The importance of this Reason for Encounter trend-data is that it gives insight in the effect of all government measures that have been issued for COVID-19. The effects of the measures will at first be visible in a reduction of COVID-19 infection diagnoses in general practice. Reduction in hospital admissions and intensive care unit stays will be visible only days to weeks later.

For current and daily refreshed data the website can be viewed at:

This example underlines the important UseCase for ICPC as the data-standard for Primary Care, specially for implementing ICPC Worldwide in Primary Health Care settings and the registration of the Episode of Care as it will allow enhanced monitoring of epidemic and pandemic data in almost real-time.

Milestones for ICPC-3

Project lead

  • The two project leaders of the ICPC-3 Project are both experts in the development of International Classifications, medical terminology and medical informatics.
  • Both have been engaged in the WHO-FIC PC Taskforce for development of  a concept Primary Care linearization of the ICD-11; Kees van Boven as one of the Co-Chairs.
Contextual Facts
  • The concept linearization for PC of the ICD-11 has not been completed yet, and needs to be further discussed and developed in cooperation with WHO.
  • The insights gained in the work on the concept PC linearization of the ICD-11 is partly feeding into the development of the ICPC-3.
  • These insights can also assist in improving the further development of  ICD-11, as the content for the PC linearization at this moment is based on the ICPC-2, which will be replaced by the ICPC-3 in 2020.
  • ICPC-3 can assist to improve ICD-11 for Primary Care and make it suitable for data-exchange in Electronic Health Records.
  • WONCA and the ICPC-3 Consortium is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with WHO/WHO-FIC as expressed at the FDC/WHO-FIC Network meeting, Oktober, 5-11 2019, Banff, Canada, Oktober.